KeraFactor Patients

Whether your looking for a KeraFactor Clinic or want to purchase take home products you have come to the right place.

Although this site is built primarily for Physicians and In-Office treatments please find below relevant information for those interested in the various KeraFactor programs to assist with your journey to better scalp and hair health. 

KeraLase: Is an in-office treatment provided by a specially trained provider. It involves using a laser to create microscopic channel in the scalp in order to rejuvenate the scalp and provide additional areas for the KeraFactor treatment serum to effect both the scalp and hair health.


In order for the best results a 6 treatment schedule is suggested on a fortnightly basis. Patients can expect to start to see improvements in both the scalp, hair quality and thickness starting at between 6-8 weeks from the first treatment session. For more information on where to find your local KeraLase treatment provider, please use the form below.

KeraFactor Scalp Stimulating Solution : Available from either your treatment provider or using the link below. Our latest Scalp Stimulating take-home product has double the concentration of growth factors. These growth factors are exactly the same as you will find in our in-office treatment serum. However this product was designed to be used daily, in order to micro-dose your scalp and hair between in-office visits. This maximizes the total quantity of the KeraFactor Peptide Complex (KFP™) before, during and after your KeraLase or KeraFactor treatment program.

KeraFactor Conditioning Shampoo: 

In order to complement the take-home solution and the entire KeraFactor treatment program we developed a scalp exfoliating and conditioning shampoo. Designed to be used daily, this one two punch conditioning shampoo, helps remove dirt and debris that may impede other KeraFactor products. In additional, specific conditioning elements with the same KFP™ growth factors means this not only helps with serum and solution absorption, but it also enhances the results of the entire KeraFactor treatment program. 

Pro Tip : Massage vigorously into the scalp to enhance scalp circulation and leave in for at least 1 minute to allow the nano liposome KFP to be fully absorbed and then wash off.